Heritage of FlowerBouḰ

Our Story

“I committed to my mother that I will show and share her amazing artwork with the world.”- Kiana

The owner and artist of FlowerBouK, Kiana Park learned the art of paper clay flower making from her mother.

Her mother was an instructor of fresh flower arrangement and paper clay flower classes in Korea 30 years ago.

She also joined exhibitions and her name is on professional public books about fresh flower arrangement and paper clay art in South Korea and Japan.

Kiana grew up surrounded by these books around her since she was 9 years old. After school, she and her sister would go to her mother’s studio where she is teaching. They watch her instruct students on how to do the craft.

Kiana always copied her mothers’ art for fun when she was young. She would give her creations as gifts to her friends.

Her mother formally taught her paper clay flower art when she was 18 years old. That was also the time they moved to Australia.

She learned the best techniques in shaping clay and mixing colours. For 10 years, she has been helping the business of her mother.

Her mother stopped doing her artwork 15 years ago after Kiana’s grandfather passed away. During that time, Kiana focused on studying, painting, and playing the piano.

Kiana always missed doing paper clay art.

Until one day, she found some beautiful paper clay art materials in her mother’s garage. Her interest came back and out of curiosity, she searched the internet. To her surprise, she didn’t find any art piece that uses the same techniques her mother did.

Kiana started to make paper clay flowers again. She showed her mother her creations and that made her mom very happy. Her mother cried tears of joy and reminisced how those flowers played a big role in her life.

Kiana’s mother will turn 70 years old next year but her expertise in making paper clay flowers never changed. Now she is back and active in making her art.

She looks forward to seeing Kiana innovate and apply the unique designs and techniques that she taught her.

Kiana committed to her mother that she will show and share her amazing artwork with the world.

Today Kiana continues to make beautiful paper clay flowers with the techniques her mom taught her. She shapes and colours every flower with love and care.

The art pieces that she makes are products of the love between her and her mother.

She is hoping that the love and passion that she put in creating the flowers will be felt by anyone who gets it.

Thank you.